Is it weird to be a little melancholic in France? Maybe not because I am melancholic half the time in California, but I don’t remember being melancholic in Bordeaux.

Anyway, said feeling comes from being tired (still jet lagged and the journey here was many hours between different flights, trains, and mishaps). But mostly it comes from having to do yet more bureaucratic things. I visited my high school today and met other teachers, who were all very nice, and meeting people was the highlight. But with that came having to get my birth certificate translated (long story) into French, which I will get on tonight or tomorrow, and having to open a bank account (not only necessary for getting paid but also for other bureaucratic things). Opening a bank account though, means that I need a permanent address and that is still in flux.

Oh, and I’ve been working on bureaucracy since April, when I found out I would be doing this. So yes. Bureaucracy + fatigue has led to melancholy.


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