Moments of culture shock

I haven’t experienced much culture shock in France, which is great! I was really counting on not going through culture shock again because I have so many things to take care of for work and I need to find permanent housing and grad school apps outside of them and, frankly, I didn’t want to deal with culture shock too. But it seems some culture shock is unavoidable:

1. I forgot about the lack of trashcans and recycling bins everywhere.

2. There are a lot less Asian people. Being in China briefly with my relatives was great partly because I wasn’t stared at all the time.

3. I can’t watch Project Runway, nooo (ok, I realize this is completely superficial).

4. People working for the train going on massive strike and causing transportation chaos everywhere. And unlike the Bay Area when Bart strikes or threatens to strike, this is not resolved immediately. People just have to deal with the fallout.

5. This one is hard to explain. The shortest way I can put it is that things seem to happen by word of mouth maybe more than anything else. I’m used to having businessy things be businessy. But some businessy things in France happen because you have someone introduce you or you know the right people. It’s kind of pre-Industrial Revolution-ish. Like maybe Benjamin might approve because it has that old world flavor of putting acquaintance-ship over real business. But who knows.


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